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We can help prevent repossession of your London home

Facing the prospect of repossession can be frightening, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

There is a lot of help available online from government advice sites, lenders and repossession agencies, but our first concern is to help you keep your home.

A Fast Cash Sale Option

As time is of the essence, it's unlikely you'll have time to wait for an estate agent to attempt a conventional sale.

We can rapidly create a bespoke action plan that is geared towards your specific circumstances. Our cash offer can often be with you within 24 hours.

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Repossession Facts

It’s essential to know the facts and not be frightened by the many myths. Instead, arm yourself with the most accurate information available.

Many homeowners think they're better off just giving up and handing in the keys, but this doesn’t solve your problems. You'll still be responsible for paying off the loan, plus interest and any shortfall after the sale of your property.

Repossession is not a foregone conclusion

You may think losing your home is a foregone conclusion, but you should always attend a repossession court hearing. You are eligible for free advice from the court desk adviser and just showing up for the hearing can make a real difference.

In 78% of repossession cases where a homeowner attended and was helped by the Court Desk Advice scheme, immediate repossession was avoided. The clients were able to remain in their own homes after the court hearing.

Protections are in place so repossession is only ever a last resort - lenders have to prove to the courts they have exhausted every possible option before applying for a repossession order.

Prevent Home Repossession in London

Why choose Cash Property Sale?

The Cash Property Sale GUARANTEE: We have a solution that enables you save your equity and possessions whilst hopefully enabling you to keep your credit file free from a 'repossession' stamp.

  • Repossession stopped straight away
  • Equity released from your property
  • No more stress and anxiety
  • Cash left after the sale is yours to keep
  • 100% confidential service
  • Absolutely no hidden costs or fees

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