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Are you ready to retire or have problem tenants?

Are you a landlord with problem tenants in London who don't pay their rent on time, making mortgage payments an issue? Have your fixed rate mortgage deals expired, making repayments difficult?

Whether you have several properties or just the one, managing these can often become more of a burden than an investment.

A fast property or portfolio sale with us is the simplest way to get a return on your investment and take troublesome property off your hands. We can buy property in any condition, even taking on the existing tenants.

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We have solutions for many landlord problems:

  • Properties giving you a headache?
  • Tenants not paying rent on time?
  • Trouble with mortgage payments?
  • Flat conversions hard to sell?
  • Landlord ready for retirement?
  • Rental properties in difficult areas?
London Landlord Portfolio Buyers

Why choose Cash Property Sale?

  • Any property any condition
    We purchase any type and quantity of residential or commercial property. It doesn’t matter what condition - We'll purchase vacant properties, tenanted properties, single dwellings and HMOs.
  • We'll deal with problem tenants
    We can offer you a fast property sale, even with tenants in place. We can take away the stress of ensuring tenants pay on time. We will also chase them for any outstanding arrears.
  • A return on your investment
    Maybe your investment isn’t making the returns you anticipated, or management overheads are proving a burden. We can solve the problem instantly, providing a return on your initial investment.
  • Maximize your profits
    We can structure a fast sale, timing our purchase to occur within the financial/tax year that suits you. This is a great ethical and legal way to save you paying a lot of tax on your profit.

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